There are many issues facing the world today. From climate change, to poverty, to homelessness, war and many more which affect people on both local and global levels. The Global Citizen Awards highlights and raises awareness around these issues.

The partner organisations that make up the GCA are working towards a fairer, more sustainable world. To do this, Ireland will need informed active citizens that are capable of critically reflecting on the issues and create solutions to the wide range of issues. Returned International volunteers offer a unique opportunity to link local and global issues and use their overseas experience to create change in their local communities in Ireland.

What will I get from it?

  • Champion global justice issues that you are passionate about.
  • Increased knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and development issues.
  • Social media, advocacy and reflective post writing skills.
  • Network and make connections with like-minded people.
  • Obtain a personal achievement – Awardees will be recognised at a National Award Ceremony and become a part of the GCA Alumni Network.

Why Become a Participant?

The Global Citizen Award is a free personal development programme that provides you with

  • A structure to explain and share your volunteering stories and memories with others here at home.
  • The chance to inspire others and educate your community on the global issues you witnessed.
  • An opportunity to continue your volunteer journey and keep your volunteering experience alive.
  • The chance to Develop extra skills and gain a new personal achievement recognised at a National Award Ceremony.

Upon completion of the Award Programme, you will receive a certificate, an invite to a National Ceremony, and the chance to present at the Awards event. The Award and Ceremony credits your hard work and is an indicator of motivation and dedication. The personal benefits are numerous; You will gain more from your volunteering experience and develop extra skills.

But it’s the actions of what you have done through the Award process that that will stand to you most: you will have shared your volunteering memories and overseas experiences, and inspired the Irish public on Global issues, making you a true Global Citizen!

Learn More by reading the GCA Annual Report below: