With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting global travel and international volunteering, the Global Citizen Award wants you to reconnect with your Volunteer Memories and highlight the positive impact that international volunteering has had on Irish communities.

Did your volunteer experience inspire you to think differently, change your lifestyle and encourage you to make informed, ethical choices? Do you want an opportunity to share your thoughts and actions with a wider network of like-minded individuals?

We are starting a conversation to showcase the learning and action being taken across the island of Ireland by international volunteers.

This campaign will lead up to International Volunteer Day, 5th December 2020.

Join the conversation and share your memories of your volunteer experience with us!



For example:

  • Because I volunteered, I am a climate activist responding to Global Goal 13: Climate Action, having seen first hand the impact of climate change on farmers in Uganda. I am part of the Environmental Society in my college and am a co-organiser of the Climate Strike in Cork

  • Because I volunteered, I am now taking action towards achieving the Global Goal: Life Below Water. I am now an active part of my local Clean Coasts group, having seen the impact plastic pollution is having on communities who’s survival depends on clean oceans in…..

  • Because I volunteered, I fight against violence against women in all its forms, having seen the resilience and sisterhood of women who survived conflict in …I am working towards achieving Global Goal 5: Gender Equality by volunteering with Women’s Aid in….

  • Because I volunteered, I grow my own vegetables since I was taught to farm by the community I worked with in Malawi. When I came home, I was disappointed with the amount of food waste that is produced in Ireland. I began supporting my local food bank to ensure that food is reused and redistributed to those who need it. This experience showed me the importance of growing your own, reducing food waste, supporting local and buying fair trade. I make my everyday consumer decisions based on Global Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.


Share your thoughts to the points above using any of the following mediums:

  • a captioned photo,

  • a video (Max 60 sec)

  • or a short quote

Tag @GCAIreland across our social media, using the #VolunteerMemories hashtag or email your memory to [email protected]

If it’s a photo

If it’s a quote

  • A maximum of two sentences.

  • Think about how the words you use carry meaning

If it’s a video

  • Volunteers introduce themselves and their organisation etc. and then tell their short story for no more than 1 minute.