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Irish Aid

Irish Aid is the Government’s overseas development assistance programme. It is managed by the Development Cooperation Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. For further information see www.irishaid.ie.

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EIL Intercultural Learning

EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish “not for profit” organisation which provides intercultural learning opportunities through study abroad, volunteer abroad, language training, travel awards, group educational programmes, and other cultural immersion activities for about 2,000 people each year.

The Mission of EIL Intercultural Learning Ireland is: To provide intercultural learning experiences which enrich lives, promote understanding of other cultures and challenge individuals to be more globally aware and responsible.

The work of EIL Intercultural Learning is underpinned by a set of core values and guiding principles which include the organisation’s not for profit status, its commitment to the safety and wellbeing of participants and its endorsement of the principles of equality, inclusiveness, sustainability and diversity. At all times EIL strives to achieve the highest standards and to employ best practices.

Based on principles of experiential learning (learning by doing), EIL programmes are designed to provide tools to survive and thrive in another culture or in a different language, to foster personal development, to build communication and leadership skills, and to be active citizens in an interdependent world.

In short the aim of EIL Intercultural Learning is to enrich lives and to inspire global citizenship.

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IDEA is the Irish Development Education Association. Our vision is of a world based on global justice, solidarity, equality and sustainability. We see development education as an essential process that empowers people to create this world.

The Irish Development Education Association grew out of calls from the Development Education sector for an umbrella body to represent them nationally. Since its inception, IDEA has been a member-led organisation with members actively engaged in the management and direction of the association.

IDEA has been funded by Irish Aid since 2005. IDEA is a strategic partner of Irish Aid for Development Education. We receive funding from The European Commission for our three-year project, “Challenging the Crisis”. IDEA’s programme is funded by Trócaire and Concern.

IDEA is a company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on the 21st February, 2007. Company registration number 435218. The company was established under a Memorandum of Association, which sets out the objects and powers of the company and IDEA is governed under its articles of association. IDEA operates as a non-profit organisation.

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Comhlámh (pronounced ‘co-law-ve’, Irish for ‘solidarity’) is a member and supporter organisation open to anyone interested in social justice, human rights and global development issues.

Comhlámh was set up in 1975 by Irish returned development workers, who defined the organisations principle objective as, “to enable persons who have rendered services overseas in developing countries upon their return to Ireland to bring to bear their own particular experience in order to further international development co-operation.”

Membership was subsequently extended to all those who see their work in a global perspective and support our aims. Comhlámh members have always seen overseas development work and volunteering as part of a broader commitment to global development and solidarity. Many of the causes of global inequality, poverty and oppression have their origin in the industrialised countries and can be addressed by education and action.

Comhlámh now considers the stakeholders that we work with as our community, which is made up of our members, development workers, volunteers, sending organisations and those interested in development and global issues.