We are thrilled to share this letter with you that we received from President Michael D. Higgins.

President Higgins honours the Global Citizen Award as “ a most important initiative, recognising our role as citizens of an interdependent world who must voice and action the values on which our collective future should be founded“.

The President’s recognition of the Global Citizen Award is a reflection of the incredible work undertaken by our Global Citizen Award participants, and the dedication of our GCA Mentors, the Standards and Awards Committee and our Global Education Committee. We are very proud of the achievements of participants in 2020 and 2021, with their actions reaching 10,000+ people across Ireland. Read more about GCA achievements here.

You can read the President’s letter in full below.

We look forward to continuing to inspire action and support change-makers in their life-long learning journey through the Global Citizen Award programme.

Yours in Solidarity,