On St. Patrick’s Day the world unites to celebrate all things Irish! Landmark buildings are lit up green globally as a celebration of Ireland and the positive impact of Irish people across the world. 

Today, we are celebrating all of our Irish Global Citizens, including the five below (in no particular order!) who are involved with the Global Citizen Award and the EIL Network who represent Ireland on the global and local stage.


1. Órla Ryan


Órla took part in the EIL Global Awareness Programme to South Africa where she volunteered alongside a HIV and AIDS project. Upon her return, Órla went on to become an award-winning journalist highlighting many global justice issues – from the refugee crisis in the Lebanon to child marriage and female genital mutilation in Kenya, along with being a strong voice in the Irish media for gender equality and social justice.


2. Elaine Doyle



Elaine also took part in the Global Awareness Programme with EIL in 2013 where she focused on environmental sustainability and conservation in Guatemala. She is an ambassador for #LifeBelowWater and #LifeOnLand, and is a strong voice for environmental concerns in Ireland. She now works with Clean Coasts to conserve and protect our oceans. A long time friend and network member of EIL and the GCA, Elaine is a passionate Global Citizen who we continue to learn from through her positive actions!


3. Annmarie Collins

Annmarie travelled to Mexico with EIL in 2014 to volunteer with a human rights project. Since returning, Annmarie has been a powerhouse in advocating for equal opportunities, especially for the Trinity ACCESS Programmes and the Irish Traveller Community with her podcast – ‘The Big Fat Podcast’.


4. Rachel Maher



Rachel volunteered with EIL in Thailand in 2014. Since her return to Ireland, Rachel has been involved in the youth sector inspiring young people to engage with SDG 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing, as a keen advocate for and provider of mental health support. Check out her podcast ‘Addressing the Elephant’.


5. Chinedum Muotto



Chinedum took part in the Global Awareness Programme to Mexico in 2017 and won a Gold Global Citizen Award in 2018. He is a strong advocate towards SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities. Chinedum seeks to work with communities globally by using the arts to disrupt the daily narratives around social injustices.


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