Our wonderful Mentors are all returned international volunteers and past awardees of the Global Citizen Award. They are on hand in a supportive capacity to help guide you with your GCA journey and actions. If you would like a Mentor please contact us today

Gill Carter

One of the key learnings from the development phase of this project has been of the need for Award mentors who can support Award participants. Gill Carter, who volunteered with EIL in South Africa during 2010, carried out a number of awareness raising activities in relation to HIV & AIDS on her return to Ireland. This included a successful photography exhibition, which toured Ireland during 2010/11. Gill was a mentor for a number of Global Citizen Awardee, one being Jorge.

Jorge Ruiz Villisante

Jorge has mentored many Global Citizen Awards and shares his project plan to help participants staring off the award. He explains how; I Decided to Volunteer Abroad and booked a place with a Volunteer Sending Agency, EIL Intercultural Learning. Next I attended the pre-departure workshop and learned about the global context and what to expect when volunteering abroad. I spent 2 months volunteering on a Community Education project in India learning about the people, culture and global challenges. When I got home to Ireland I attended a debriefing workshop to share my experience with other Volunteers. There I learned to use my experience to raise awareness about global justice issues to make a difference in Ireland. I became more interested in global issues and took a module called Social Justice & Citizenship in Cork Institute of Technology as part of a community education and development degree. I shared my story through blogs that included photos and writings, to explain global issues based on my experience overseas. 

Brian Hughes

Hi everyone, my name is Brian and I have been part of the EIL Global Education Committee this year. Being a mentor for the GCA is an exciting prospect for me, as I would love to help and inspire other volunteers, just as I was helped and inspired all along my journey. I was lucky before travelling to Ghana last year to meet Aileen (who now works for EIL) who had volunteered in Ghana and was also one of the pilot awardees. Helping others achieve the Gold Global Citizen Award will be really interesting for me, as it will give me the opportunity to see how other volunteers' experiences have affected them, what their individual stories are, and see how they want to communicate their experiences through their actions projects and further voluntary work.

Emily Price

Hi all, my name is Emily. I’m very excited about the prospect of getting involved as a mentor with projects of returned volunteers. Experience has taught me that these projects can lead to great friendships, interesting discussions and sharing inspiring experiences with others.  In the past few years I have been involved with projects which used photographs, paintings, workshops and creating small books to explore themes such as gender and HIV and AIDS.

Aileen O’Sullivan

My journey to become a GCA mentor began in 2012 when I volunteered abroad in Ghana for 3 months. Following this, I really wanted to share what I had experienced and learned but I didn’t know how! This is when the GCA was introduced to me. I decided on what issues I wanted to raise awareness about and formulated a plan to make this happen. It was completely self-motivated but it couldn’t have happened without having the support of other people behind me. I was able to share stories, anecdotes and start conversations about what I had experienced when I volunteered in Ghana. Being able to share this meant the world to me and if, by being a mentor, I can help anyone to achieve this then I am very excited! I have mentored for 2 GCA recipients already and I have been able to see amazing work other GCA awardees have accomplished.

Orla Ryan

Hi everyone, my name is Órla. I'm looking forward to acting as a mentor as part of the GCA programme. In 2014, I travelled to Kayamandi in South Africa with EIL to volunteer with Setjhaba Youth Awareness - an NGO that provides support and counselling for people with HIV, as well as health education for secondary school students. Earlier this year I helped to organise an exhibition about SYA's work (with my volunteer partner Emma) as part of Dublin City Council 's Social Inclusion Week. I'm currently working on a radio documentary about HIV in Kayamandi. 

Mentor Supports


A mentor will support and advise the applicant throughout the process. Have you completed the Global Citizen Award? Would you like to keep connected and help support somebody on their journey? If so, why not be a mentor?  To find out more on becoming a mentor please contact us today



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