Global Education Committee

Our wonderful Global Education Committee are all returned international volunteers. The Global Citizen Award has been developed by EIL Intercultural Learning’s Global Education Committee as a Development Education initiative. The EIL Global Education Committee is made up of a core group of previous international volunteers with a passion for Development Education. Members of the Global Education Committee support the Award and its participants through mentorship, resources, events and workshops.

Sarah Brazil

Sarah first travelled with EIL when she won a Travel Award to Hong Kong in 2010. “I grew emotionally as a result of this trip and it was definitely an eye opening experience to a culture that is rich in tradition”. She was so inspired by this trip that she wanted to see more of the world.
In 2012 she was awarded the Global Awareness Programme and travelled to South Africa to work on a HIV & AIDs Project. She became involved with the Global Education Committee so she could continue to do her share for the global community.
She was a member of the GloEd Committee for over a year before she was elected as the Chair of the Committee by her members. She is delighted to take on this role and showcased her leadership at the Spring Network Weekend on March 28th and 29th, 2015. Sarah and her team created and facilitated a workshop on Equality and produced a workshop kit to be shared with anyone would would like to use it.

Orla Ryan

Vice Chair
Órla joined the committee in January 2015 and is excited about being part of the group.

She became an EIL Network Member after she travelled to South Africa as part of the Global Awareness Programme on HIV and AIDS in 2014.

She is currently working as a journalist and is passionate about sharing stories with the general Irish Public and completed the Gold GCA in 2014. 

Elaine Doyle

As part of the Global Awareness Programme in 2013, Elaine travelled to Guatemala. She completed numerous action projects to raise awareness on Environmental Issues including a Children's book on Turtles, A Handbook for Rainwater harvesting as well as organising workshops and talks. Elaine is an engineer with a real interest in Sustainability which is showcased in her work with Social Entrepreneurship, Community Projects and environmental research. Her passion and expertise are a real addition to the GloEd Committee. "I am personally, professionally and academically passionate about sustainability. I have worked as an engineer and an educator in the area of sustainability; I have a BEng Manufacturing Engineering and an MSc Sustainable Development. I volunteer with a number of organisations, I am the Ashoka Change Nation Change Executive for Transition towns, we are working on relaunching Transition Towns by creating a website that highlights good news environmental and community grass root stories and I am the Head of Overseas Placements with Engineers Without Borders."

Jorge Ruiz Villasante

Jorge has been a part of the GloEd Committee over the last few years! His skills in photography alone have allowed us to share the work of the GloEd Committee with people all over the world through videos, social media and exhibitions. Jorge is a photographer and educator with a passion for Development and Global Issues. His passion for sharing his knowledge with other is a great attribute to the DevEd Committee. He became involved with EIL after he travelled to India as a Volunteer. He has also piloted the Gold Global Citizen Award.

Eniola Oladiti

My name is Eniola 🙂 but called Enny by pretty much everybody. I was born in Nigeria, raised in Waterford and currently studying in Dublin. I am a 3rd year general Nursing student in Trinity. I am supper bubbly, perhaps way too chatty and always with a smile. My eight week volunteering experience in Mutmandek orphanage in Thailand was nothing but pleasant and mesmerising. This experience taught me so much and has given me a new insight in ways that I cannot even begin to express myself. I was very pleased of the work that I was involved with, be it bringing the children to the hospital, accompanying them to their therapy sessions, bringing them to get their vaccinations or simply bringing them to the park. It was all such a fun filled learning experience. I was awarded the silver GCA in 2016 for my actions on return in Ireland. 

Ola Blade

Ola joined the committee in Jan 2016 and received the Silver GCA for his actions after volunteering in Mexico. For him; "Doing the GCA helped me remember memories of my time in Mexico and coming back to share those experience with friends and members of the college community. Sharing the struggles with communication I encountered on my travel in Mexico was a platform too to help and advice others who might be going through the same struggles too."

Nicole Chatham

Nikki lives in Tallaght, Dublin and is studying Community and Youth Work in Maynooth University, she joined the Glo Ed Committee in Jan 2016. I have been activity involved in my community through volunteering from a young age. I volunteer with Foroige in Fettercairn, Tallaght and various other youth and community groups. My journey to become a global citizen began when I was awarded an Access Travel Award to Oaxaca, Mexico from EIL. During my time in Mexico I lived with my wonderful host family and volunteered in many community based projects such as Sikanda. Sikanda is an organisation which promotes self esteem, human rights and environmental issues. Volunteering in Sikanda is where I witnessed first hand the enormous value of recycling to the oaxaquenos people. Recycling became the main focus of my Action Project. I wrote blogs on my host family, recycling and volunteering, I also contributed an article entry in the EIL Global Newsletter on turning your experience into an Action Project. On my return to Ireland I held workshops with adults and young people on recycled arts which also celebrated the diversity of art and culture. I also held talks with peers, local youth groups and GAA club. I continue to advocate at a local level to promote changes in behaviour that will ultimately help protect the earths environment. 

Adam Peerbux

India was beginning of Adam's journey with EIL. He travelled in 2013 to work on a womens empowerment project. He has just finished his studies and to become a social worker. He is extremely passionate about mental health and feels this is an important issue, not just locally, but in the international development context. Adam feels that being a global citizen is about "Sharing my fortunate experience with other people that don't have the access to travel and learn about other cultures and global issues". Adam is looking forward to being involved with the global education committee.

Rachel Maher

In summer 2014, I spent an amazing 8 weeks volunteering in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. I was an art volunteer working on the Art Relief International project run by the organisation Cultural Canvas Thailand. During my time there, I had the opportunity to be involved in running workshops for many different social groups, including schools, orphanages, houses for people with special needs, juvenile detention centres, neighborhood children local to the office as well as so much more. We used many creative mediums for these workshops including art, drama, music and dance. Volunteering abroad offered me an incredible experience to grow, learn, meet so many incredible people and have countless unforgettable experiences. 

Brian Hughes

Brian is a budding musician from Dungarvan who travelled to Ghana in 2014.He was elected to the global education committee in January 2014 and is excited to get more involved in facilitation. He has already provided music for two videos shot by Network Members of Power and Equality. He completed the Gold Global Citizen Award in 2014 is looking forward to travelling and seeing more of the world.

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